Adam Yanalunas

JavaScript, CoffeeScript, and Node.js specialist (ooh, and iOS!) who is generally aweseome…more or less.

I’ve been working in the web technology field for the last sixteen years. I’ve done front-end, middle-tier, back-end, integration, database, design, customer relation, architecture, team leadership, cowboy code, release tools, and probably much more I’ve happily forgotten.

Point being that although I can wear a lot of different hats – event the popular “generalist” – my strength is in JavaScript (or CoffeeScript) application architecture, preferably on a Node.js server.

I am currently employed full-time but I am always interested in hearing about cool projects that are looking for a little extra freelance help. Don’t be afraid to get in touch and talk with me about what you’re working on. Collaboration is cool!

PS: Looking for keywords? I’ve got plenty of those. How about “”? No? Try again.



I've contributed to Batman fighting crime and kicking apps.
A flexible, easy way to check configuration settings at app startup and control app flow.
Help people who can't remember how to spell their email address
a jQuery plugin using CSS3 filters to replicate the tilt shift effect
Manage multiple AJAX submissions and backbone views
Polite Focus
A nicer way of asking for focus on a form element